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Advantage Compendium Ltd.
is led by Jack Marrion, providing research and consulting services to insurance companies and financial firms in a variety of annuity areas. He is the Director of Research for the National Association of Fixed Annuities. He also serves as a Research Fellow at Webster University.

In 1996 he produced the first independent hypothetical return monthly publication comparing all index annuities on the market, and created the quarterly Advantage Index Product Sales & Market Report in 1997 that was the first comprehensive report of index annuity sales, products and trends. In 2015 he created, a subscription site showing the specifications and returns of volatility controlled indices used in the fixed index annuity world.   

Regulators frequently quote from his research; he is frequently referenced or sourced in SEC rule filings relating to annuities, as well as working as a court certified expert witness on annuities. He has conducted a broad scope of research ranging from the behavioral reasons why consumers buy or don't buy financial products to suitability and complaint trends to future annuity distribution impact models.

His insights on the annuity and retirement income world have appeared in hundreds of publications. In 2006 the National Association of Insurance Commissioners asked him to address their annual meeting and teach regulators the realities of index annuities. He was invited back in 2009 to talk to the NAIC about the effects of aging on senior decision-making. In 2015 he spoke to NAIC members on volatility controlled indices. He is a frequent speaker at industry functions and provides the monthly Annuity Perspectives newsletter to National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) members. Best’s Review said he was likely to affect the course of the industry.

Prior to forming Advantage Compendium Dr. Marrion was president and owner of an NASD broker/dealer with offices in nine states, and formerly vice president of a life insurance company and previously vice president of an NYSE investment banking firm. He has a BBA from the University of Iowa, an MBA from the University of Missouri and his doctorate from Webster University in the area of cognitive bias in decision-making formed a new paradigm in the development of retirement income products. Neither Jack Marrion nor Advantage Compendium sell or endorse any financial product.

Books Written                          A Nontraditional Guide To Small Business Solutions (1994)

                                                SEP’s, SAR-SEP’s & 401(k)’s (1996)

                                                Index Annuities - Power & Protection (2002)

                                                Safe Money Places (2005)

                                                Change Buyer Behavior & Sell More Annuities (2009)

                                                Index Annuities: A Suitable Approach (2011)

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