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This 2009 book was written to help producers close more annuity sales. The 174 page soft-cover illustrated book does this by covering what is missing in almost all annuity sales training Ė the real reasons why the sale does or does not close. It is out of print, but I discovered two new copies in a cabinet and they are for sale. Annuity sales training books concentrate almost solely on the rational reasons why people buy annuities. But consumers do not make rational decisions. They make normal decisions. Consumer decisions contain some rational pieces, but they also are influenced by the emotions at the time of the decision and memories of the past that are considered as facts but may be illusions. This book helps producers connect with the prospect to help close the sale. The book is broadly divided into three parts. The first part gives a list of the rational reasons for buying fixed annuities. The second part deals with beliefs that consumers think are factual when they are often illusions and gives arguments to tear down the illusionary walls that sometimes get in the way of the sale. The third part tells how to react and what to say and do when the consumer is emotionally objecting to the annuity purchase. The book gives producers an understanding of what is going on in the consumerís mind, why the consumer may be thinking that way, and steps they can take if they need to change the consumerís mind.