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Broker World

Covariates (March 2017)

Behavior & Other Bits (February 2017)

Cognitive Decline In Seniors (January 2017)

Journal Of Financial Planning

Real World Index Annuity Returns (March 2011)

National Underwriter

A Behavioral Approach To Retirement Income Makes Sense (April 2010)

Annuity Outlook: Difficult near-term, bright beyond (October 2009)

1035 Exchanges are going to fall sharply (July 2009)

The Correct Context For Viewing Index Annuity Returns (March 2009)

The Impact Of 151A On Producers (February 2009)

The Proposed Rule Will Sock It To Index Annuity Distributors (August 2008) 

Why Immediate Annuity Sales Will Never Soar (July 2008) 

How Seniors Make Decisions (May 2008)  

Viewpoint: do VAs with GLWB features make fixed annuities obsolete? (June 2007)

Senior Market Advisor

Buying Behavior: How 2011 Will Affect Annuity Sales in 2012 (January 2012)

Should you use more than one index? (June 2011)

Index Annuities show strength in hard times (May 2011)

Finding some truth in financial fables (April 2011)

Why Wall Street gets it wrong (March 2011)

It’s evolution or extinction for annuity producers (February 2011)

Annuities have been through this before (January 2011)

Anchoring for bigger sales (December 2010)

The annuity cure to running out of money (November 2010)

Do crediting systems perform the same? (October 2010)

Annuity update: If FIAs are not securities, what about FINRA 05-50? (September 2010)

Don't predict sell future insurance (July 2010)

Never use the fixed rate bucker unless... (June 2010)

Index Annuities for the "New Normal" (May 2010)

Playing hard to get can get you sales (April 2010)

Create a Sales by Defining Their Goals  (March 2010)

Objection Preemption (February 2010)

The Real Deal or No Deal (January 2010)

Aging affects senior decision making (December 2009)

Looking for the magic phrase (November 2009)

Seniors: Coping with the death of retirement (October 2009)

Annuities let consumers be a little naughty (September 2009)

Bell curves + models = risky retirement (August 2009)

The Great Depression and index annuities (July 2009)

Yes, annuity companies HAVE failed (June 2009)

The guilty prospect (May 2009)

How to deflect damaging news (April 2009)

Do regulators want to end fixed annuities? (March 2009)

Not learning from a near miss (January 2009)

Finding security in guaranty associations (December 2008)

Prairie people, forest folks and financial reporters (November 2008)

Finra – a new rule every 3 days  (October 2008)

Clearing the mental clutter (July 2008)

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News Releases & Interviews

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